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Alexandre | 16/01/2018

Un grand merci a toute la team produit bien reçus et bien fonctionnelle

Lesley | 16/01/2018

Zeer goede levering ! Goed verpakt , en stipt ! Bedankt om mijn kindertijd terug te brengen...

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-13% Bloody Roar 4 - PS2


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Bloody Roar 4 - PS2

Product Code: PS2
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Bloody Roar 4 - Playstation 2 - 12+


Throughout time life forms on this planet have continued to evolve and prosper. But it is also true that there are many life forms that have become extinct, unable to evolve. How exactly is this decided? Is there something on this planet that has the power to influence the future of these life forms? Mankind thought of earth as a single giant life form able, through its self-balancing nature, to preserve an ideal natural environment for the life upon it. This life form was named "Gaia". Mankind also called the life forms taken by Gaia through natural selection, as well as the life forms that would have survived had they continued to evolve, "The Unborn".

During the XGC (X-Genome Code) incident one year ago, at the same time that riots raged over the beasts that did not show the XGC, all over the country small earthquakes shook the land. The cause was not known, but as the Crest Incident came to an end and the rioting and earthquakes subsided, people began to claim that all was due to the influence of the Stone Seal. Now however, although the Stone Seal has been locked away, the rioting and earthquakes have returned. And this time, the incidents are on a larger scale than those of a year ago. What could be behind it?





Disc:  8/10
Instructions:  9/10
Box:  9/10






Age: 12+
Players: 1-2
Region: PAL


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