Disc Repair Service


Scratches on your game? Your game freezes? It can be repaired.


As a professional game shop Gamewalhalla disposes of an ultramodern disc repair machine that can repair the scratches on your games. Superficial scratches as well as deep scratches. After your game has been repaired by our machine, it will look as new.


What can we repair?

  • PS1 games
  • PS2 games
  • PS3 games
  • Xbox and Xbox 360 games
  • Nintendo Wii games


With our advanced machine we can repair all kinds of discs (also blu-rays). All games for the current generations of consoles (PS3; Xbox 360, Wii). And also games for the previous generation of consoles (PS1, PS2, Xbox, Nintendo) as long as the game is on a cd an not a cartridge.


Please take into account that it's very difficult to repair blu-ray discs (PS3 games). These blu-ray discs have a special coating which is a lot harder than a normal cd/dvd. We can't guarantee we can remove all scratches. But in most cases after the repair the game will back work.


What can we not repair?


Games with a crack in the disc. Once there's a crack in the disc, this cannot be repaired.


Scratches in the data layer of the disc. A disc consists of 2 layers. The lower layer is the data layer on which the date of the game is written. Visible scratches - even deep ones - are mostly on the top layer that serves as a protection. If the scratch goes into the data layer even the most advanced machine won't be able to repair it and your game will be lost. If you hold the disc into the light with the label facing you and you can see the scratch, it means the scratch goes into the data layer and the disc can no longer be repaired.


The price?

  • € 5 per disc


For games that consist of multiple dics we offer a discount on this price.


If we can't repair your game, you don't have to pay for the repair.


How does this work?


If you bring in the game personally, we'll repair it while you're waiting for it. The repair only takes a few minutes.


You can also send the games by mail. In this case please contact us by our contact form.