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Wii Consoles

Wii Consoles

Looking to buy a pre-owned Wii console? A used Wii console in top condition and at very cheap prices? That's exactly what you'll find at Gamewalhalla. All Wii cosoles are thoroughly tested. As always you'll receive a 7 day guarantee. We've got years of experience with sending games and consoles of all kinds. So when shipping your console will be safely packed to make sure you'll receive it in exactly the same condition as you bought it.

* A large choice of used Wii consoles
* Wii consoles at very cheap prices
* 7 day guarantee

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 Wii Console + Accessories - Nintendo WiiCe paquet consiste de:1 Nintendo Wii Console 1 Vertical Stand 1 Controller 1 Nunchuck 1 Sensorbar 1 AV Cable 1 Power supply ..

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€ 59.95
 Wii Console Black + 2 ControllersThis package consists of:1 Wii Console Black User manual 1 Vertical stand 1 Sensorbar 2 Controllers 2 Nunchucks 1 Motion Plus Sen..

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€ 68.95
 Wii Console Black + Accessories - Nintendo WIiThis package consists of:1 Nintendo Wii Console black User manual Vertical Stand 1 Sensorbar 1 Controller 1 Nunchuk (wh..

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€ 58.95
 Wii U Console Mario & Luigi Premium Pack (boxed)This packages consists of:1 Wii U Console Mario & Luigi Premium Pack Original carton box Carton insert 1 Control..

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€ 158.95
 Wii U Console Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited Edition (boxed)This package consists of:1 Wii U Console Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited Edition Original carton box Carton inl..

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€ 198.95