Since 1 July 2016 Gamewalhalla ships exclusively with Bpost, we no longer ship with Kiala. By shipping exclusively with Bpost we can offer you much better shipping rates.


Shipping costs are determined by the dimensions/weight of your order and consist out of the stamps, packing materials + 21% VAT.






 <100 gr.

€ 2

 E.g. a loose Game Boy cart

 100 gr. - 350 gr.

€ 3

 1 to 2 games


When ordering a second games, in most cases you won't have to pay any extra shipping costs. This will depend on the weight/size of your order (more info below).



Bpack 24h

Bpost Delivery Point

 0 - 2 kg

€ 6,50

€ 5,5

 2 kg - 5 kg

€ 7

€ 5,5

 5 kg - 10 kg

€ 7,50

€ 6

 10 kg - 20 kg

€ 9

€ 6

 20 kg - 30 kg

€ 12

€ 6


Shipping rates above apply on everything that doesn't fit in your mailbox





We know that international shipping can be quite expensive. So for our international customers we offer a special service. We can consolidate your packages. Meaning several orders will be combined into 1 package which will allow a huge saving in shipping costs.

So you could place regular orders on our website and have it shipped all together every 1-2 months. By combining everything into 1 package there will be a huge saving in shipping costs. Please contact us through our contact form for more information.



Rest of Europe/World

Shipping costs depend on the weight/size of your order. When checking out the correct shipping cost will be shown on the screen.

Especially for large orders these shipping costs are estimated shipping costs. The definitive shipping costs will depend of the effective weight. This weight can only be determined after packing your order. A big order? Expensive shipping? Please contact us. It may be possible to send your order cheaper.




Buy 2 Games  = Pay 1X for shipping

When buying 2 games in a lot of cases you won't have to pay any extra shipping cost. This will completely depend if your order will fit in your mailbox or not.


Games or combination of games that can be shipped together: PS1, PS2, PS3, Gamecube, Wii, loose carts,...

Games that can't be shipped together: CIB games (NES, Snes, N64, Sega), PS1 games with double boxes (e.g. Final Fantasy,...)


Due to their value some games will be shipped as a package even if they fit in the mailbox. By sending them as a package they can be packed a lot more secure and a tracking number will be available.


When will my order be shipped?

After receiving your payment your order will be shipped as soon as possible. If we receive your payment in time often the very same day. Gamewalhalla doesn't ship during the weekend/holidays.


How will my order be shipped?

All games are shipped in a protective bubble wrap envelope or envelope boxes. Things that don't fit in the mailbox will be shipped in a carton box.

Gamewalhalla has years of experience with the shipping of games, consoles and accessories. Everything is securely packed to prevent any damage during shipping.



To which countries does Gamewalhalla ship?

In principle Gamewalhalla ships worldwide. When checking out the right shipping costs will be calculated based on the weight of your order and country of destination. No shipping available to your country? Please contact us.



Is there a tracking number available for my order?

Belgium: everything that fits in your mailbox is shipped without a tracking number. You want to have a tracking number nevertheless, then choose for shipping with Bpack 24h or Bpost Collection Point. Things that don't fit in your mailbox will automatically be shipped with a tracking number.

Internationally: most of the things sent abroad will have a tracking number.